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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rhee sentenced to 20 years for erasing grades -- Just a dream.

They're whistling Dixie in Atlanta this morning. 
I had a strange dream last night. Michelle Rhee was standing in front of a crazed, media-hungry judge who sentenced her to 20 years in the penitentiary under RICO statutes for "racketeering" stemming from her leadership role in the D.C. cheating scandal. He also confiscated her Mercedes. Alas, it was just a dream. When I woke up, Arne Duncan (who had promised to visit her in prison) hadn't even taken back the Blue Ribbon he awarded Rhee and the district for the amazing, but temporary bump in test scores.

This was not a dream -- Today's Daily News reports:
The entire structure of high-stakes testing in New York crumbled Tuesday, as tens of thousands of fed-up public school parents rebelled against Albany’s fixation with standardized tests and refused to allow their children to take the annual English Language Arts state exam.
Pay attention, Hillary Clinton.

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  1. Love those New York folks!!! It's happening here in ILL-Annoy, as well, but slowly spreading. Go to More Than a Score, ChiOptOut &/or IllinoisParkthePARCC to find out how you, too, can opt out...because you CAN! And--call/e-mail/visit your state reps. & tell them to support HB 306, Parent Opt Out Bill, sponsored by State Rep. Will Guzzardi, & co-sponsored by many (you can find out who by going to IllinoisParkthePARCC. Don't wait--take action NOW--the 2nd round of testing is starting!


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