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Monday, April 6, 2015


Opening Day. Chuy at bat.
Chuy Garcia 
"This past week, Rahm Emanuel made a comment to the effect that you can't protest a problem. And it really flies in the face of everything that Dr. King stood for, and for the civil rights movement in this country, and the women's rights movement in this country, and the immigrant rights movement in this country, as well as the Fight For 15 movement in this country. It's time to fire Rahm Emanuel." -- On 47th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Dolores Huerta, civil rights and union activist
“We are on the eve of making history. This is not just going to be about Chicago. This is going to be about the United States of America.” -- At Chuy rally
David Sirota
“I have no idea as to why CPS would need a lobbyist, given the mayor's control of the school board and his majority on the city council..." -- Chicago Elections Chief Got Lobbying Contracts from Rahm Emanuel's Adminstration
Cornel West 
 Cornel West
“Brother Rahm is not a brother of integrity. He’s too mean and arrogant. He’s too condescending. He’s too paternalistic. That day is over. It’s a new day in Chicago.” -- At Chuy Rally
Carol Marin
There is no question there has been a rebellion of voters in the wards. -- Sun-Times
Jill Barshay
But most states have never created a level playing field, and new data show that it’s getting worse at a time when we’re asking schools to raise standards and demonstrate test score gains. -- The Hechinger Report

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