Monday, December 1, 2014


St. Louis Rams protest Ferguson before Sunday's game with Oakland

Cook County Clerk, David Orr
“The mayor, with millions, has a hard time getting signatures on his petitions. Chuy Garcia in three weeks time, spending no money — all volunteers — got 60-some thousand. In another week, they probably would have gotten 90,000.”  -- Early & Often
Marcia Chatelain, Georgetown University. Started #FergusonSyllabus
 Every school isn’t the same.  Every school doesn’t want to delve into this issue in the same way.  And so for younger kids, I think we really needed to focus on feelings, what is it like when people are anxious or afraid or scared, and a lot of resources on children’s books that talk about emotions during times that are overwhelming.
For slightly older kids, I think that the paradigm of fairness, what happens when people feel like something is unfair, what happens when people feel like their rights aren’t being respected, you can engage in that conversation.  And for older kids, I think that this is an amazing civic lesson about the various responsibilities people have in a community and what happens when that trust is broken.  -- PBS News Hour
Rich Lowry, National Review
"The lessons of Ferguson are quite basic. Don't rob a convenience store..." -- NBC Meet the Press

Hillary: The sounds of silence
Hillary Clinton on Ferguson
"                         " -- New York Observer
Deval Patrick
"When democrats do stand for something, or as I have said in the past, grow a backbone ... we win." -- MSNBC

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