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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rahm's school "reforms" cause problems in ranks of the Dems

Rahm Emanuel is mayor of Chicago for two reasons. One -- he was given a multi-million-dollar campaign war chest by a handful of billionaire Koch Bros. types. Two -- he rode back into town on the good will engendered by his time in Barack Obama's White House.

A interesting sign that that good will has rapidly eroded is the appearance this morning of Sen Nancy Pelosi at Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH headquarters. Pelosi will address a packed house at PUSH and then endorse Cong. Jesse Jackson, Jr. It was only a week ago that Rev. Jackson lambasted Rahm school closings, calling them, "educational apartheid" -- which they are.

Pelosi's appearance today is an indication that Rahm attack on the unions, his closings of more schools in Chicago black community in the face of mass protests, and possibly his pokes at former mayor Daley, are not sitting well with some Democratic Party higher ups. We'll see how all this goes down.

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