Tuesday, March 27, 2012

At yesterday's press conference

Isabel Nuñez from Concordia Univ. at  press conference
I went to yesterday's press conference to stand with other academics in support of  (CReATE). The research group presented its "Open Letter of Concern Regarding Chicago’s Implementation of Legislation for the Evaluation of Teachers and Principals" to the mayor yesterday.

Academics from 15 universities, including many that run teacher education programs, warned in the letter that relying heavily on student test scores to evaluate teachers will negatively impact students. CPS is currently in negotiations with the teachers union over a new evaluation system, which state law requires be in place in at least 300 CPS schools by fall. I signed on to the letter and took part in the press conference, but thought the statement could have been stronger in its recommendations. It currently calls on the mayor to,
1. Pilot and adjust the evaluation system before implementing it on a large scale.
2. Minimize the percentage that student growth counts in teacher or principal evaluation.
Speakers at the press conference included: Kevin Kumashiro, Professor of Asian American Studies and Education at UIC; Isabel Nuñez, Assoc. Professor of Foundations, Social Policy and Research, Concordia University;  David Stovall, Associate Professor of Educational Policy Studies and African American Studies at UIC; Therese Quinn:, Chair of Art Education School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Erica Meiners, Professor of Educational Foundations, Women’s Studies, and Latina/o and Latin American Studies
at NIU.

The Tribune, WGN, Catalyst, and WBEZ have coverage this morning.

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