Thursday, March 8, 2012

CPS spinners in a tizzy over Brizard's call for vouchers

When Chicago schools chief, J.C. Brizard came out in support of school vouchers the other day, he freaked out his own loyalists like U. of Chicago corporate reformer Tim Knowles. But the funniest thing was watching his own confused PR team wiggling around trying to make things right.

Here's how the Tribune reported it:
When CPS was asked for clarification on his remarks Monday, Marielle Sainvilus, a CPS spokeswoman, said Brizard was giving his personal opinion on education funding and was not recommending that the state adopt school vouchers... On Tuesday, CPS spokeswoman Robyn Ziegler reiterated that Brizard was not advocating for such a policy at CPS, nor will the district be pursuing it.
The Reader's Ben Joravsky writes:
Supposedly, this is a union town, yet you voted for one of the most anti-union Democratic mayors in the country. Okay, he's not as bad as Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker. But he's coming dangerously close. Jean-Claude Brizard, Mayor Emanuel's handpicked public school CEO recently endorsed a voucher plan in which private schools would get public funds. In short, the man Mayor Emanuel put in charge of our public schools is calling for the privatization of public education.
Progress Illinois adds this:
Also at the talk, Brizard called the parents, Local School Council members, teachers, and community groups who protested 17 CPS school closings and turnarounds the "vocal minority."Channeling Richard Nixon, Brizard said that the "silent majority" supported CPS's school actions.

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