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Monday, February 6, 2012


Chicago Mayor (right) with Krupp CEO Torsten Gessner
Rahm Emanuel
“By combining transportation, infrastructure, and the best workforce in the world, Chicago is a destination for the greatest companies around the globe, and ThyssenKrupp is a perfect example of this.” -- City of Chicago press release
Brian Jackson, ThyssenKrupp's lawyer
"We look forward to having our day in court." -- Chicago Tribune
Deborah Meier 
"As we once reminded colleagues, Nazi Germany had a successful school system—so what?" -- Bridging Differences
Jackson Potter
"We just worry about the extent to which these politically connected individuals are using AUSL as a method to alter the landscape of neighborhood schools," said Chicago Teachers Union staff coordinator Jackson Potter. "Because they're not the ones that have to deal with the fallout that comes as a result of these decisions. It's the community." -- Chicago Tribune
Tim Cawley
"But political contributions had nothing to do with the way decisions were made. Nothing." -- CPS Chief Administrative Officer, ran AUSL's finances.

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