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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chicago school board tells parents: We don't need no stinkin' research

A day after they were handed the latest study showing the poor results of their turnaround reforms, the mayor's hand-picked school board voted to turn 10 more neighborhood public schools over to a private turnaround company. This despite day-long protests outside their offices by hundreds of angry parents, students and community supporters (none of the mayor's paid counter-protesters even bothered to show up).

The board decided to ignore the research and a week of protests (including a march on Monday to the mayor's house) and voted to close five elementary schools, phase out one high school and "turn around" 10 schools by firing all the teachers and making them reapply for jobs.


  1. What a shame.

    Unfortunately the fix was in with the school board set up the way it is.

    I admire the pushback that I have seen in Chicago and it is an example that we should all follow.


  2. “This is Little Rock, 1957,” Jesse Jackson told the board. “This is apartheid.”

  3. Take your clue from the musical "CABARET", money-money-money-money-money-money-!


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