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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rahm lures Hitler's favorite company to Chicago

Here's what they brought with them 

I heard the mayor boasting the other day about how he had lured the German-based company, ThyssenKrupp to Chicago to set up its regional headquarters. Rahm claims the move will add about 100 employees to its payroll. Big whoop!
“ThyssenKrupp’s decision to locate their North American headquarters in Chicago is a testament to the world-class business environment the city offers,” Emanuel said. “By combining transportation, infrastructure, and the best workforce in the world, Chicago is a destination for the greatest companies around the globe, and ThyssenKrupp is a perfect example of this.” -- City of Chicago press release
Yes, a perfect example.

Ward Room blogger Edward McClelland points out  the company's abominable history. The company that armed the German war machine in World Wars I and II (not to mention the Austro-Prussian and the Franco-Prussian wars) is coming to Chicago.
The Krupps were the main suppliers of Adolf Hitler’s rearmament project in the 1930s. After the war, the company’s president, Alfried Krupp, was sentenced during the Nuremburg trials to 12 years in prison for using slave laborers in particular for building a factory near Auschwitz and leasing Jewish prisoners at four Deutsche marks a day.
Ok, you night say. That was then. This is now. We sure could use those 100 jobs. After all, Krupp got out of the armaments business and later renounced nazism. Right?

Not so fast. Headline story in today's Sun-Times shows what Rahm should have known before he made the deal.
ThyssenKrupp — the German conglomerate that has agreed to make Chicago its North American regional headquarters — created a racially hostile work environment at a Chicago office that included frequent use of the n-word and a black face routine at a company meeting, the Illinois Department of Human Rights has ruled.


  1. What the press release leaves out is any mention of the loss, on the same day, of some 13,000 American Airlines jobs -- many of them leaving Chicago.

  2. I am so sick of Chicago, Rahm, the UNO type misleaders of Latinos, the sold out rent-a-preachers, the ridiculously stratified and racist public school system, the gouging of public assets for private gains, and the type of booty kissers that seem to thrive in city jobs and on the Board of Ed, etc.. I am, sick of all these over-dressed losers who keep getting elected and attack people who dare to question them or challenge their entitlement to their gerrymandered offices like they're still in high school or trying to audition for The Sopranos. The press has failed the people miserably in this town, and now the NYT has jumped on the float with the CNC. I mean, how far can one bend over to worship these profiteers of poverty and still call it news? Puhleeze. So much for a once proud tradition of press in a once proud city that works. Chicago politicians are the trashiest dregs of society, and Rahm vacations in Israel while boosting these types of people and organizations? Yuck is all one can say to this chitty town now.


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