Monday, October 17, 2011


Dr. Cornell West
"If Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. were alive today, he would be on Freedom Plaza."--Upon his arrest in D.C. protest
Sen. Bernie Sanders
"Now that Occupy Wall Street is shining a spotlight on Wall Street greed and the enormous inequalities that exist in America, the question then becomes, how do we change the political, economic and financial system to work for all Americans, not just the top 1 percent?" -- Huffington
KIPP gets an "F"
"I still find it very difficult to vote for two more schools when their first school, which got all these praises, is an F," -- Jacksonville school board member, Tommy Hazouri
Taxing the rich?
“I suggested 80 percent. A tremendous number of wealthy people haven’t given much of anything.” -- Billionaire industrialist Jon Huntsman Sr.

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  1. Until now I was down on Dr. West for his open attacks on Pres. Obama. But now that I see who is really putting their body on the line for us, I withdraw my anger. When is Obama going to put on his marching boots as promised, and join the movement?


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