Monday, October 10, 2011

We occupied the hell out of Chicago

Thousands marched a rallied in Chicago, Monday. A mortgage bankers 
convention meeting downtown had to end their meeting early before thousands of protesters arrived and make a run for it.

Morgan Park H.S. Marching Band


  1. Hi Mike,

    I track the second city cop blogfrom time to time. I believe that trolls are spreading fear there that protestors will turn violent, in order to incite an overreaction from police officers.

    Take a look and tell me what you think. Also, the 3 helicopters hovering for hours over the Art Institute was a clear show of power. So expensive and unnecessary. It is very important NOT to divide the police from the other Chicago unions. The marchers need to carry many, many signs like this

    "Respect CPD, Our Union Brothers"

    "Mayor, Chicago Needs New Police Recruits -- Not More Shuffling"

    Need to be respectful and always cooperative.

    The fear that this could turn into a London or Greece burning, or fear of 1968 nonsense is real among the officers, who don't want to get hurt. Police Officers also are under a lot of pressure from having too far few police on Chicago's tough streets -- despite the mayor's rhetoric -- and like all of us they could be open to manipulation.

  2. No reason to cater to media crap, Maureen. And sorry, but '68 wasn't "nonsense." The war and racism was the nonsense.

  3. I really hope that this does not prove to be just a left-wing rally. There is potential for so much more. If you keep the union issues out of it and focus on the economics (ending the FED, ending the wars, ending the corporatism) then we can all agree and you will have an overwhelming majority. But, if this turns into a “left vs. a right”, many, like myself, will have no interest in it. And you will be aiding in keeping us all divided.

  4. Don't worry Ray. Occupy Chicago isn't "left vs. right." It's right vs. wrong -- 99%.

  5. Ray S. We already have an overwhelming majority. Have you read the polls.


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