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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh good, they found the $39 million in D.C.

"We had to open things up and move some things around."-- Mayor Fenty

WaPo's Bill Turque reports that D.C. district crats have "found" the $39 million they needed to pay for Rhee's bogus contract. Was it in a drawer somewhere? Stuck to somebody's shoe? No, it will come from cuts to after-school programs, and stim $$$ that should have gone to pay salaries of hundreds of laid-off teachers.

Private foundations have promised to pick up $21 million of the tab. Of course, they promise lots of things. D.C. teachers are being asked to abandon all remaining job protections in the contract in exchange for a one-time salary increase. They have to hope that the foundations keep their promise and sustain their funding (which they've made contingent on Rhee staying in D.C.). And if Rhee decides to fire a few hundred more? Well, I guess they don't get the promised raise.

Union prez George Parker calls that "good news" for teachers. Hey George, that condo in Florida is still on the market.

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