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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Huberman's version of "reform" in Chicago

What's causing all that wind in the Windy City? It could be the revolving door of principals. 

C.E.O. Huberman,  an education know-nothing, is left with the tired old game of replacing managers. Now he says he will get rid of 80 principals in one shot. If there ever was a recipe for chaos and instability, this is it. I'm still waiting to hear where Huberman will find 80 great (but unemployed) principals to replace them. Maybe we can switch with Milwaukee. Sounds like a windfall for the Harvard Business School- spawned New Leaders for New Schools.

The mass firings come 15 years after the mayor took over the schools system and imposed his so-called Renaissance 2010 on the district. They signal the complete and total failure of Daley's and Arne Duncan's reform plan with the blame being once again thrown completely on educators.

The lamest line on this came, as you might expect, from one of Chicago's know-nothing aldermen. 31st Ward Ald. Ray Suarez, who also touts school vouchers, is demanding that Huberman fire more principals.
"This didn't just happen last week. This has been going on for many, many years. And you still give the same excuse: 'We're working on it. We have a contract.' In private industry when you have a leader and he's not performing, I don't care what kind of contract he's got. He's out." 
 Wrong, Alderman.  In case you haven't heard, in private industry when your top people screw up and destroy the company as well as our environment and our national economy, you give them giant bonuses. Or in the case of Chicago alderman, they give themselves a big raise.

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