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Monday, October 26, 2009


Not funny
The real secretary of education, the joke goes, is Bill Gates. (AP Wire)
Jeb Bush, speaking to college Republicans
Jen Goldstein ’11, a Florida resident, asked Bush to address criticism that the high stakes standardized tests create an environment that narrows the focus in the classroom to passing the test. In defense of Florida’s testing system, FCAT, Bush said, “it’s the only way you know you are improving.” (Daily Colonial)
Race to the Top: 10 false assumptions

False Assumption 7:
Notwithstanding the evidence from research and decades of failed efforts, forcing merit pay schemes on teachers will revitalize America’s schools. This is because the desire to compete is the most powerful of all human drives (more powerful even than the satisfactions of doing work one loves). (Veteran teacher Marion Brady at WaPo)

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