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Friday, October 2, 2009

Probably not being talked about today in Copenhagen

Doing business the Chicago way
In an explosive new report, the city inspector general's office characterizes Huberman as so derelict in the oversight of a contract with Motorola while he was executive director of the Office of Emergency Management and Communications that he should be suspended if he still worked for the city. (Sun-Times)
That clean sweep of CPS central office of former Arne Duncan team members by CEO Ron Huberman, has been put on hold. Reason? Huberman, who has been bringing over his own team members from the CTA has now been caught (metaphorically) with his pants down.

Chicago's Inspector General is accusing Mayor Daley appointee, Huberman and his underlings of "significant management failure" and contract irregularities on "life or death matters" at the city's 911 center that cost taxpayers $2.25 million. It seems that Huberman sent the money over to Chicago clout-heavy firm, Motorola, for 18,000 radio accessories the city never received and never needed, and then allegedly falsified documents to cover his tracks.

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  1. Nobody could have predicted that mayoral control could lead to corruption.


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