With guest, Louder Than a Bomb poet Nate Marshall

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sad day for the clout

Even the Obamas & Oprah couldn't put lipstick on Daley's corrupt Olympic Games operation.

Only a few deal makers would have benefited while neighborhoods would have taken another beating. Daley lied to Chicagoans all along about expected income from tourism and supposed "no cost" to taxpayers. He even used phony polling to make it seem like an overwhelming majority in Chi-Town supported the deal.

Promised jobs were a hoax--only temporary and mostly minimum-wage. Hotels like union-busting Hyatt and Congress (where Obama walked a picket line with striking workers) would have cleaned up. So would former CPS board prez and friends in real estate deals.

All this while neighborhood schools are being starved and crushed under Renaissance 2010 and Turnaround schemes contributing to a jump in youth and school violence. Chicago bad-mouthing Rio for "crime" was the ultimate irony as well as poor diplomacy in Latin America.

This should be Daley's swan song. Maybe he and Huberman can leave together.

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