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Thursday, October 29, 2009


'Why don't they Trust me?"
"What can I do to regain the trust of my teachers?" Rhee asked, according to one participant. "I don't understand why everyone is so afraid." (WaPo)
Here's why...
By trotting out a righteous-sounding and at first blush irrefutable “motive” (to manage the budget) she is trying to capitalize on a crisis in order to advance her agenda. That kind of trick was used against the public schools of New Orleans, courtesy of Hurricane Katrina and the kindred spirits of Rhee. (Ron Isaac, EdWize)
View from right field--'School closings, little benefit to Chicago students'
“The Obama administration’s solution is that we’re going to make all the lousy schools better, but that’s harder than the administration has let on. The next most attractive alternative is to shut them down, and let the kids go to other schools, but this Consortium report has found that that brought little benefit to students in Chicago.” (Frederick Hess, AEI)

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  1. With all the "Listening and Learning" that Secretary Duncan is doing, you'd think that "obvious" matters like these would be noticed, wouldn'tcha?

    Tom Friedman had a persuasive editorial today advocating domestic nation building. We could also do with some public schools building rather than "reforming" by fiat.


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