Friday, November 14, 2008

Inside Chicago’s Renaissance 2010

John Myers at Catalyst shines a light on Ren10 inequities

… a Catalyst Chicago analysis shows the system of choice doesn’t serve all children equally. A surprisingly high percentage of black students end up at another lackluster school rather than a better one… Catalyst’s findings are part of a complex picture that raises questions about the equity of Chicago’s dramatic expansion of school choice under Renaissance 2010, which has so far created 75 new schools and drawn the attention of national experts because of its ambition and scope.


Julie Woestehoff at PURE points to Ren10 school, Sherman Elementary, which is now being run by private management company AUSL, as an example of enrollment “manipulation.” WBEZ picks up the story here.

I think we're looking at a manipulation by a school that's trying to weed out students who might drive their test scores down.


Is Admiral Brewer toast?

It looks like he's about to bite the dust in L.A.

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