Monday, May 7, 2018


Wayne LaPierre, head of the NRA
... also pushed to arm teachers and called on schools to be “the most hardened targets in this country.” -- Washington Post
Derek Black
 We Shouldn't Call Teacher Salary Hikes 'Raises' -- EdWeek
Chicago Tribune Guild 
'We did it... We have a union' -- Statement
Charles J. Johnson, Tribune editor & union organizer 
 "We have been badly mistreated by a series of corporate owners, Tronc only being the most recent, and we've decided to take some control over the future of our journalism in the city of Chicago." -- NPR
Atty. Lorna McMillion
“You have a charter school that can, in one breath, say, ‘Hey, we’re a public school, don’t sue us,’ and in the next say, ‘Hey, we’re not a public school, don’t sue us.'” -- Texas Tribune
Greg Hinz
 I'm particularly interested to see if Police Board Chair Lori Lightfoot gets in [Chicago mayor's race] because, more than most candidates, she has a foot in all sorts of political camps. -- Crain's 
Afghanistan 17 years later...
 “They’ve got to screen everybody who’s going to be working directly with the [brigade],” said an Army officer who was involved in preparing bases for the new adviser teams earlier this year and who, like others contacted for this story, agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity. “That means screening basically the whole damn Afghan National Army, and we’re way behind the power curve on that.” -- Politico
Steve Doocy
"Keep in mind, whatever [Gina Haspel] did" to torture detainees, "she was doing it as a directive and it was all within the law". -- Fox & Friends


  1. Actually, I'm surprised after what happened in the Waffle House that Wayne LaPierre aren't urging teachers to wrest guns away from attackers w/their bare hands, as some have suggested.

    Oh, wait...LaPierre wants to sell MORE guns. Silly me!

  2. &...sounds like Steve Doocy is related to AZ Gov. Doug Ducey.
    Both doozies, & one of them must've misspelled his last name.

  3. News--"Oliver North replacing Wayne LaPierre as head of NRA."


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