Monday, February 1, 2016


Rahm's council rubber-stamp, Ald. Will Burns bails out. Takes job with AirBnB.
CTU Vice-Pres. Jesse Sharkey 
“The Big Bargaining Team will tell us if there’s a [tentative agreement].” -- Sun-Times
Freep Editor Stephen Henderson on Flint
This is about cities themselves, and how Michigan’s system of governance permits and even incentivizes the creation of poor, isolated urban centers that don’t have enough population or resources to deliver services. This is about race and class, and the historic emphasis of suburban development on moving away from black and poor communities, stripping them of the tax base and other resources they need to survive. -- Detroit Free Press
Rahm Emanuel on $1.3B O'hare expansion
"We went after this like a heat-seeking missile." -- Crain's
Brother Fred on Iowa Caucus
If Trump gets 25% that's 30,000 people. That wouldn't be a sell-out crowd at Wrigley. -- Iowa Caucus Project
Donald Trump on his donations to the Clinton Foundation
 “Again, I was a businessman, and it was my obligation to get along with everybody, including the Clintons, including Democrats and liberals and Republicans and conservatives. As a businessman, I had an obligation to do that.” -- The Hill

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