Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hillary's here, but where's the mayor?

‪#‎walkintoCPS‬ rally at Goethe Elementary this morning
Hillary Clinton picked a fine day to visit Chicago. The sun is out. Snow is melting, uncovering fresh mounds of dog poo on every sidewalk and back alleyway. New potholes are bursting open like spring azaleas. The town is jumping.

Thousands of parents are walking-in at their neighborhood schools, demanding good schools for all kids. Many more have taken that long, boring ride down to Springfield to protest Gov. Rauner's threat-and-bluster budget speech.

Rahm is poison to Dems … Funny thing, the mayor is nowhere to be found. Like it was a few weeks ago when Chelsea Clinton came to town, she was told to avoid Rahm at all cost. Then last week, he stayed clear when his old boss, President Obama, revisited the State Capitol steps where he launched his historic presidential campaign. Again, no Rahm.

Hillary's mainly here to raise money from her wealthy pals, open an office on the south side (something the couldn't do in '08 when she ran against Obama) and hold a campaign rally. But she's keeping a low profile considering. Except a mention in  Sneed's S-T column, there's not a word about Hillary's visit in either paper this morning. Strange.

CTU Pres. Karen Lewis at walk-in in L.A.
Sneed asks, "Is Rahm being kept at arm's length?" Of course she knows he is. He's like the guy with B.O. who never gets invited to high tea.
At last peek Tuesday, Sneed was told Emanuel’s public schedule did not include plans to meet Dem presidential contender Hillary Clinton when she hits town this week to open up two new campaign offices. One is on the South Side.
Response: “No. Nothing is scheduled. But he could meet with her privately,” a source familiar with Emanuel’s schedule said. “But the mayor has been in touch with two of Hillary’s advisers.”
Hillary's supposedly here to woo black voters. She knows she can't beat Bernie Sanders, let alone Donald Trump, without them.

She held a "get out the vote rally" at the Parkway Ballroom in the city's Bronzeville neighborhood with Geneva Reed-Veal, the mother of Sandra Bland, at her side.

And Rahm's the last guy you want to be seen with these days, on the south or west sides of the city where he's polling with single-digit support.

Rahm tells WLS Radio’s Bill Cameron, he wants to put all that Laquan McDonald cover-up stuff behind him and "look forward, not backward." He claims that Chicagoans want his leadership to continue.
“The city just went through two months with some difficult issues. Now, what they want is my leadership [audible pause] and the participation of everybody in making changes, where you have the grit and the determination to make the necessary changes.”
He obviously hasn't been paying attention to the writing on the wall. #RahmResign.

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