Monday, May 20, 2013


"Safe passage"? Yale kids will walk  past this abandoned and boarded up building at 73rd & Princeton on way to their "receiving" school.  | Jessica Koscielniak ~ Sun-Times
Rev. Marshall Hatch, in front of Tilton 
“That was a cartel, right on the side of the school. . . . This is where the folks know how to find them.” -- Sun-Times
Angelense Jones, a third-grade teacher at Overton Elementary
“You’re not taking them to a better school, to a better environment." -- Marchers, led by teachers union, speak out against school closings
Daniel del Pielago, Empower DC
“We are fighting not only to have equal access to neighborhood public schools but to save the fabric of our communities that is threatened by displacement and gentrification, This is as much about who gets to live in DC ten years from now as it is about our schools.” -- WaPo, "Judge declines to block D.C. school closures"
Fran Spielman, Chicago City Hall reporter
 Down was up and up was down as Emanuel joined business and labor leaders at McCormick Place to begin the formidable job of selling the concept of using more than $100 million in public money to bankroll a 10,000-seat arena near McCormick Place. -- Sun-Times
Award-winning Principal Carol Burris of South Side High School in N.Y.
Creating bell curves of relative educator performance may look like progress and science, but these are measures without meaning, and they do not help schools improve. -- The Answer Sheet

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