Friday, May 3, 2013

School closings: What's $122 million among friends?

Wait! I thought closing 54 schools, mainly in Chicago black community was supposed to save CPS $560 million in "avoided costs" over 10 years (the figure they gave ABC News was $600 million).Of course, I never believed any of that. But that's because I never believe anything coming from Rahm's liar-in-chief, Becky Carroll or school-closing 'crat Todd Babbitz. They were born to lie. 

But now, WBEZ has given me one more reason to disbelieve. When they and Chicago Magazine  began questioning CPS about the numbers, the numbers suddenly changed. CPS now claims the number is $438 million.

Where did the other $122 million go? Rahm's people say they made an “honest mistake” when adding numbers. "We don't add so good," says Ald. O'Connor, Rahm's floor leader, who added well enough to find about a million and change to get his sister hired to run the school closing transition of students to now over-crowded receiving schools.

Here's what an unnamed CPS 'crat actually said, according to BEZ' Linda Lutton:
A top CPS official said it’s “intuitive” that closing buildings will save money. “It’s clearly something that will save us money. That’s indisputable,” he said. The district’s press office allowed reporters to speak with him only on background, without printing his name.
The official said it’s not overly important whether the savings from “avoided” capital costs are $560 million or $438 million, because the amounts that matter are the school-by-school savings.  
Right. What's $122 million among friends?

I'm not the only one not buying it. Chicago teachers, parents, students and community activists are planning a 3-day March  for education justice on May 18, 19 and 20 to voice opposition to the mass school closings. The Board is expected to rubber-stamp vote on the closings on May 22nd. Stay tuned for more on this.

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