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Monday, May 6, 2013


Roberts was told to "blow up" and "dismantle" Detroit schools
Roy Roberts, Emergency Manager of Detroit Public Schools 
According to a Detroit Free Press article, he also revealed that when he first entered his job in 2011, he was told to "blow up the district and dismantle it."  -- Huffpost Detroit
Dana Goldstein
 If smaller, themed schools are better for kids -- and there is significant evidence they are -- the question then becomes, how can districts transition to such a system without leaving behind those students who most need help? Crenshaw was already pursuing a themed school-within-a-school reform plan, and it is discouraging, I think, that the Social Justice and Law Academy, whose work was politically and intellectually challenging, will be discontinued, with its leaders dispersed. -- An Activist Teacher, a Struggling School, and the School Closure Movement: A Story from L.A.
Diane Ravitch
Bill Gates is wrong. American education is not “broken.” Federal education policy is broken. -- NPE,  "Zombie Federal Policies"
Rahm Emanuel
"Does anyone have any questions for my answers?" -- Chicago Tribune
Beatrice Dbimimi, Lincoln Park H.S. senior. 
"We're not just a bunch of stoners who wanted to walk out of school. We actually care." -- Huffington
Valerie Strauss
He is blind and he can’t talk, nor can he understand basic information, but, yes, Michael had to “take” the test. -- Washington Post

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