Tuesday, February 7, 2012

ThyssenKrupp -- Rahm's "perfect example..."

Boehner tours Krupp plant in Ohio
This is the corporation that Rahm Emanuel lured to Chicago, calling it a "perfect example" of the "greatest companies around the globe."
Reese said he will never forget the first time a white supervisor used the n-word. It was to instruct a mechanic to “n----- rig” an elevator and use the “n----- head” to hoist the elevator up.  “He referred to it as an n-head because it’s a pulley system that includes a black disc with a cable around it that looked like a noose around a black person’s neck,” Reese said. -- Sun-Times
In lavishing praise on ThyssenKrupp, the mayor is marching in lock stop with Republic House Speaker John Boehner who toured the ThyssenKrupp Bilstein of America Inc.’s Ohio shock absorber plant yesterday. Boehner thanked the company for expanding, as he criticized the Obama administration for high taxes, too many regulations on business.


  1. It will be interesting to see if ThyssenKrupp hires even one Chicagoan in its regional office. Most likely those 100 jobs will be filled by white suburbanites.

  2. They may enjoy throwing around the N-word and dressing up in black face, but they don't mind portraying themselves as a diverse company. Look at their website picture. http://www.thyssenkrupp.com/en/nachhaltigkeit/index.html

  3. ThyssenKrupp Dynasty Photo Analysis by top US Historical Photo Expert Conclusive

    Ten days ago a photo analysis by the top historical photo detective in the US (www.maureentaylor.com) produced a short movie comparison of a photo dated 1868 containing my great-grandmother (Engelbertha Krupp) with her Krupp dynasty family in Essen against another photo of her taken in New Jersey USA in 1906. The analysis showed the two woman are one-in-the-same. I am looking for a journalist/reporter who would like to break this story in Europe. Would someone please consider writing a breaking story on this analysis? Thank you David Stroebel Ocean, New Jersey USA



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