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Saturday, February 18, 2012

"It takes a process to fail a child" -- Piccolo 7th grader

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"We need our school. If they've got the funding, give us the money and we'll do what we've got to do for Brian Piccolo." -- Parent Nedra Martin.
Piccolo is just one of ten CPS schools slated for turnaround, six of which would be run by AUSL. Parents question CPS's claims that the organization improves schools quicker, and they said test scores are up under Piccolo's new principal who was hired last summer.

"She's doing a turnaround. We don't need their turnaround. She's doing the turnaround," said Walls.

"The teachers know us. If they come in here, they don't know our personalities. And they just don't know us," said Yshanda Hudson, Piccolo 8th grader.

When asked if he agreed with CPS, which says teachers are failing children at the school, Piccolo 7th grader Larry Davis said, "I disagree what CPS says. They're not failing us. It takes a process to fail a child."

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