Friday, February 10, 2012

Remember Deborah Gist?

She's the State Supt. of Rhode Island. You know, the one who pushed a local superintendent to fire teachers and staff in mass at Central Falls High School back in February of 2010. In the face of massive protests, Gist was forced to retreat and most of the teachers were hired back. But the school and the entire town of Central Falls may never fully recover from the debacle, once hailed by President Obama as an "act of courage."

Well guess what? Now two years later, Gist has found God. She now claims that she favors teachers being "involved in the reform process from the beginning. "But, as she explains in this Hechinger Report interview, "being involved" simply means, "do what you're told" and give up a little feed-back ex post facto.
Before the Rhode Island Model is fully implemented in school year 2012‐13, we want to ensure that educators get a chance to practice implementing the system and provide feedback to the Rhode Island Department of Education.

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  1. The new NECAP test results came out today. CFHS's 11th grade proficiency is down 14 points in reading, 15 points in writing and unchanged in math over the past two years. https://reporting.measuredprogress.org/NECAPpublicRI/select.aspx


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