Sunday, June 21, 2020

Dad was a 'premature anti-fascist'

Photograph by Peter Stackpole for Life Magazine (1937).

Our dad was one of the original real antifas back in '37. This, a far cry from today's Antifa, a mythical group that exists mainly in MAGA nightmares, the media, and on Donald Trump's proposed list of domestic "terrorist" organizations.

Just in his teens, he hopped a freighter, crossed the Pyrenees, and fought for Spanish freedom alongside his comrades in the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. Back then they called them premature anti-fascists. When he died, we spread his ashes off the Barcelona coast.

Happy Father's Day Robert Klonsky and to all the anti-racist, anti-fascist dads out there as well.

"There was so much response... over a million ticket requests, that we decided that the BOK Center was just not big enough,” Trump campaign Communications Director Tim Murtaugh said on Friday. “We had to have more so that's why we have the neighboring streets all blocked off. There's going to be two stages. The president is going to speak in both locations."
The morning after...Everyone knows by now that Trump's million-ticket MAGA rally in Tulsa was a total bust. The rally was deliberately planned to counter the massive continuing Black Lives Matter protests and the commemoration of the 1921 Tulsa race massacre. But when only a few thousand MAGAs showed up, Trump had to cancel his outdoor rally and speech, Republicans blamed it on Antifa of course.  Dad lives!


When asked if he would attend Trump's racist rally, Dr. Anthony Fauci said "of course not." He added that in the case of Trump’s rallies “outside is better than inside, no crowd is better than crowd” and “crowd is better than big crowd.”

I hope this wasn't the only or even the main reason he chose to stay away. But I wish he would have said so.

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