Monday, April 8, 2019


Mayor-elect Lightfoot asks Rahm's floor leader, Ald. O'Connor not to call the Lincoln Yards TIF vote. 
Lori Lightfoot
“Any alderman who’s gonna try to align themselves with Ed Burke at this time — we’re gonna make sure that gets very public and exposed . . . I’m going to do everything I can to shine a light on that...

“They’re gonna have to explain to the public why they’re aligning with him against the voters of this city.”-- Sun-Times
Andre Vasquez
The socialist alderman-elect who just took down the machine's 40th Ward Ald. Patrick O’Connor, tells S-T: “Where we see the influence of big money and corporations in our government, where we see the corruption in the council, where we see elected officials as bought and paid for, to me, democratic socialism is providing a counterbalance." -- Sun-Times
San Francisco AG candidate, Chesa Boudin
 I’ve seen the system’s injustices first hand and its potential to recognize that people can grow beyond their worst mistakes. My mother is one of those people. -- L.A. Times
JP Morgan chief Jamie Dimon doesn't like socialism
...who was paid $31m last year as the head of America’s largest bank and who is estimated by Forbes to be worth $1.3bn, took aim at socialism in his annual letter to shareholders, and warned it would be “a disaster for our country”. -- Guardian

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