Monday, April 1, 2019


Following public outcry, hundreds of families of asylum-seekers are no longer being detained in an enclosure beneath an El Paso, Texas, bridge
Shaw Drake, policy counsel for A.C.L.U.' border rights center
“We are demanding an immediate investigation by the inspector general into abuses inflicted on asylum seekers by Border Patrol agents in the outdoor facilities." -- NY Times
Latino Caucus Chair, Ald. Gilbert Villegas endorses Lightfoot
“I think you have certain pockets of the Latino community that are tired of the status quo and then you have others that feel that, taking a look at President Preckwinkle, someone who’s viewed as a powerful politician maybe potentially having the ability to do something for their community." -- Tribune
Rev. Al Sharpton at Rainbow/Push
...portrayed Mayor Rahm Emanuel as a hypocrite Saturday for criticizing Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s handling of the Jussie Smollett case when the mayor long was silent on the police murder of Laquan McDonald. Sharpton described Emanuel’s behavior as “Hypocrisy 101.” -- Chicago Tribune
CTU's Stacey Davis Gates declares victory
“I feel like we have already won,” said Stacy Davis Gates, the group’s vice-president, who counts as a victory the propulsion of two black women who support one of her group’s most cherished causes — an elected school board — to the runoff. -- Chalkbeat
Don Rose predicts win for Lightfoot
Preckwinkle's strong attacks tended to fizzle if not backfire--which brings us up to today. Lightfoot has become a phenomenon, which is why I make my prediction. -- Column: It's all over but Toni's concession. 

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