Monday, August 15, 2016


Cédric von Niederhäusern
David R. Stone, special education teacher, Gallistel Language Academy
Yet the biggest sacrifice of all is one we tragically share with our students and their families. Violence increases when after-school programs, counseling services, special education, tutoring, and social workers are sacrificed due to CPS budget cuts. Since joining CPS, I personally have lost three of my students who were murdered before they could graduate. Nobody should be asked to share such sacrifices. -- Chicago Sun-Times | Sunday Letters
Kesi Foster, a reform advocate with the Urban Youth Collaborative in N.Y.
“Yesterday, we felt that, even if the city wasn’t ending the school-to-prison pipeline, it was committed to some progress. After last night, we’re not sure we’ve taken a step at all.” -- The Atlantic
Cédric von Niederhäusern
Maureen Dowd
The Republicans have their candidate: It’s Hillary. -- New York Times
Ben Jealous, former NAACP president
“Secretary Clinton’s decision to aggressively court Mitt Romney’s base has her looking more and more like Mitt Romney every day. That’s not a good thing.” -- New York Times
Neil Gross
Union decline has left the working class politically and economically vulnerable, and it’s this vulnerability Mr. Trump has been able to exploit. -- NYT Sunday Review

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