Thursday, August 11, 2016

Following layoff of 1,000, Rahm demands 'more sacrifice' from teachers.

Rahm to big Chicago banksters -- Don't worry, you'll be first in line to get paid. 

Rahm to teachers and staff after laying off 1,000 -- Don't Strike, "Be Part of the Solution."

And by part of the solution, Rahm means teachers should accept a 7% pay cut to cover pension costs and bear the burden of years of the city and state missing required contributions to the pension fund.

According to the Tribune:
Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday joined his Chicago Public Schools chief in calling on teachers to start contributing a chunk of their salaries toward their pensions." 
Who at City Hall thought telling teachers to give up a chunk of salary, was a good idea? Are they trying to provoke a strike? Or is this the kind of bullying needed to appease Gov. Rauner in exchange for a budget deal?

CTU Pres. Karen Lewis dismissed schools chief Forrest Claypool's pledge of a budget with "no gimmicks," saying, "Was his mouth moving when he said it?"

Patricia Scott
Dark day for homeless students. I remember Patricia Scott from my days coaching at Prosser.

This from Mark Brown's column in today's S-T.
At the end of this past school year, Prosser counted 68 homeless students among its 1,400 enrollees, 26 of whom were seniors. “They all graduated,” Scott told me Wednesday. “I’m very proud of that.”
That group of 26 seniors will be the last class of homeless students Scott shepherds to their high school degree at Prosser.
On Friday, she was among 1,000 Chicago Public Schools employees to learn they were getting laid off.
Just multiply Ms. Scott's story by 1,000 and you begin to feel the impact the layoffs had on students and their families.

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  1. rahm and forrest smile as they write checks to their friends at the banks and the hedge funds while demanding that teachers share the sacrifice. Who else is sharing the sacrifice? No one with lots of $$$$$. Teachers already devote part of their salaries for supplies and classroom necessities. Teachers are the ones at Target and Walmart and Office Max taking advantage of the school sales. Teachers are the ones stocking up on toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and school supplies. Teachers are the ones buying books for classroom libraries. Teachers are the ones making sure that there are pencil sharpeners, pencils, paper, art supplies, extra book bags, jackets, etc. for their kids. All 40+ of them now that other teachers have been laid off. But more sacrifice is needed says forrest and rahm. Such nastiness should not be allowed any more. These two have no clue what it is like to be a teacher in Chicago.


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