Monday, May 2, 2016


Coach tells Trump: Let's drop the big one. 

Bobby Knight compares Trump to Truman
“Harry Truman with what he did — in dropping and having the guts to drop the bomb in 1944 — saved billions of american lives.”  [Note to Coach Knight: Truman wasn't president in '44 and dropped the bomb in Aug. 1945. U.S. population has never reached a billion.]-- Mediaite
Hillary Clinton, yikes!
"I have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak." -- Interview with CNN's Jake Tapper 
 Yesterday's May Day march in Chicago.
Larry Wilmore 
But I have to say, it’s great, it looks like you’re really enjoying your last year of the presidency. Saw you hanging out with NBA players like Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors. That was cool. That was cool, yeah. You know it kinda makes sense, too, because both of you like raining down bombs on people from long distances, right? What? Am I wrong?  -- At the White House correspondents’ dinner
Pedro Noguera
 “Like it or not, schools are competing for kids, and public schools don’t even realize it. Like it or not, that’s the set-up.” -- L.A. School Report
 Terry Mazany, the chairman of the NAEP governing board
 “This trend of stagnating scores is worrisome." -- New York Times

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