Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Great Non-debate. Dems and CNN avoided hot-button ed issues

From her tweet this morning, one might surmise that Randi doesn't think education is one of those issues. CNN anchors didn't ask the candidates a single question about education. It makes me wonder, what issues really moved her?

"We need to save capitalism from itself."
Maybe it was Hillary on the need to "save capitalism from itself".  Or her pointing out that, "We're not Denmark." Thus prompting Brother Fred on FB:
Got it. Lesson learned. We are not Denmark. I momentarily thought I was in Denmark. Had that cheese danish the other day. Love a good cheese danish. As for saving capitalism from itself? Eh? Why bother?
Yes, why bother even watching such a boring, staged and over-prepped "debate"? Not even as funny or entertaining as Trump and the Republicans, was what I heard from most of the folks of surveyed here in D.C. this morning.

Blogger Steven Singer wonders if CNN would have felt more pressure to ask even a single token education question, "if the largest national teachers unions hadn’t already endorsed Clinton"?

Both the American Federation of Teachers representing 1.5 million members and the National Education Association representing 3 million members have backed Clinton minus any real debate involving rank-and-file teachers.

So without any union pressure of the candidates, Sanders and Clinton were able to skate by last night with only a few general references to schools when asked about other issues.

I think the real problem Dems have on the education front is that they can't speak to issues like testing, Common Core, the expansion of privately-run charter schools, etc… without directly confronting the policies and practices of the Obama administration and Arne Duncan's D.O.E.

I guess they are willing to leave those hot-button issues issues to Trump, Bush and the Republicans. It's the same problem Republicans had over Bush's war in Iraq.

Good that Bernie spoke to Black Lives Matter.

Hillary described herself as a "progressive".

Union basher Peter Cunningham and union prez Randi Weingarten both tweeted that Hillary won the debate.

Univ. of San Francisco's ed school dean Kevin Kumashiro has no such qualms about speaking directly to the testing issues when asked to give a grade to Duncan and White House ed policies.

Chicagoans will remember Kevin from his work at UIC and as the funder of the CReATE research group. Glad to see he's still at it.


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