Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Chicago Jewish community members take message of solidarity to City Hall

This afternoon, I was with members of Chicago's Jewish community, who marched to City Hall to voice support for the Dyett Hunger strikers, now in their 30th day without solid food.

The group, mostly members of a new congregation calling itself Tzedek Chicago, sang and chanted "Shalom" outside the mayor's office. After joining hands with hunger strikers Irene Robinson and Mark Kaplan, they presented the mayor with An Open Letter to Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Board of Education from Members of the Chicago Jewish Community) signed by more than 200 Jewish community members.

The best news I heard today was that The Chicago Teachers Union has agreed to represent the Chicago Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff Local 4343 (ChiACTS) to provide bargaining and grievance representation for unionized charter school teachers. As of September 1, 2015, the CTU became responsible for contract negotiations and contract enforcement for more than 1,000 ChiACTS members at 32 Chicago charter schools.

According to the Chicago Defender:
This transition sets the stage for greater collaboration in the Union’s efforts to improve the education of 400,000 Chicago public school students. The IFT previously provided these services to ChiACTS, which were transferred through a servicing agreement with the state union signed by officers of the CTU and ChiACTS.
What a great step forward in uniting CPS teachers with charter school teachers.

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  1. Good for you! I remember several years back at a CTU march on City Hall & the Board of Ed. that your Rabbi & a number of other Jewish marchers/synagogue members, held up a sign that said, in Hebrew, "Shame on You," directed at the mayor. Indeed...especially during this time of year. I'd always thought it some kind of miraculous coincidence (although I know that the start of the school year occurs due to the harvest season from days of yore) that the Jewish New Year & beginning of school were at the same time, because it always enabled me to pray for a good year for our students. Even though retired, that continues to be the case, but now I pray on a wider scale-- for the Dyett 12, and for all public schools, parents, teachers & communities all over the country. L'shana tova (a good & sweet year) to all, no matter what your religion is (or is not). Mayor Emanuel & all politicians, please remember to ensure this for ALL your constituents, remembering that you are public servants...
    & not the other way around.


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