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Monday, July 7, 2014


"Vergara was the straw that broke the camel's back.The Secretary's response to the Vergara verdict—it was just shameful. And it underscored his lack of understanding." -- CTA Pres. Dean Vogel    

Dennis Van Roekel, outgoing NEA president
"Let's be clear—we as educators are not opposed to tests. Good God, we invented them! But we know that the purpose of testing should be to drive learning, not to label and punish." -- Teacher Beat
New NEA V.P. Becky Pringle
New NEA V.P.-elect Becky Pringle 
"The political landscape has not changed and we expect the threats to our union to continue. The corporate reformers are spinning these complicated webs that we anticipate will continue and pick up." -- EdWeek

Fred Klonsky
 So, for this meeting to choose three women of color to lead the organization and do it without much fanfare. For them to vote in the sharpest of language against the use and misuse of standardized testing. For them to vote – even by a razor thin margin – for Arne Duncan to resign. That makes it a big story. Of course, I wanted more. -- Fred Klonsky Blog
Toni Preckwinkle
Carol Marin
Preckwinkle seemed to have a lot of friends that night. Mayor Emanuel, on the other hand, not so many, judging from people who, unsolicited, walked up to volunteer their views, offering adjectives like “high-handed” and “arrogant.” One word, however, was used more than any other. It was “schools.” -- Sun-Times, What does the applause for Preckwinkle mean?

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