Monday, February 4, 2013

Running covert ops at City Hall and CPS

Col. Tyrell
A desperate and seemingly dispirited Barbara Byrd-Bennett, faced with a bubbling community revolt, is now relying on a highly-paid retired Marine colonel with a staff of 40 to organize her covert-ops Chicago's mass school-closing fiasco. His name is Tom Tyrrell and his preparation for this coming assault on the city's black and Latino communities is his "prisoner-exchange" work in Kosovo. Metaphors abound.

No they didn't, you say? Yes they did.
“I’m not saying it looks similar to now, but there was great distrust to the process on both sides but there was a lot of chaos and stress,” Tom Tyrrell told the Chicago Sun-Times. What is similar, he continued: “It requires you to plow through the noise and get the planning done and get it done in detail and then be flexible enough to adapt as the plan unfolds.” 
Tyrrell moves from the military to Wall St.. Here he  rings the opening bell at the NASDAQ stock exchange in New York City on May 27, 2005 (File:US Navy 050527-N-2114S-002 )
Actually, Col. Tyrrell's work went far beyond what the S-T calls "prisoner-exchange" work. In his own words,
"It was determining how to integrate the weapons systems and training routines to transform the military into what we have today." 
I'm not sure what, if anything Col. Tyrrell knows about Chicago. But he is about to learn some things. He previously worked as Chief Operating Officer for the Intrepid Sea*Air*Space Museum in New York City, "helping instill in young people some of the virtues" of the military.

His other "work" experience was as Chairman of the Board for Via Novus Capital. Perfect!

Lt. Col (Ret.) Beitler
To get an idea of where Rahm and Co. are headed with this new militarization strategy, consider his hiring last week of a former Green Beret, U.S. Army Lt. Colonel-turned-venture capitalist Stephen Beitler to serve as its $170,000-a-year executive director is his so-called Infrastructure Trust. Beitler is a founder and managing director of Dunrath Capital, a venture capital firm specializing in infrastructure security and defense companies.
“He was involved in a lot of covert operations. He’s really not comfortable talking about his military service because so much of it is classified,” said Tracey Mendrek, a spokeswoman for the trust.
Yes, Perfect!

Lt. Col. Beitler, along with Col. Tyrrell are just the guys Rahm needs to run covert operations over at City Hall and CPS.


  1. Thanks for this: must say I am not surprised at this bellicose move on the part of Mr. Napoleon Emmanuel. But when the firing starts, and weapons come out - Tyrell et al will be in a mierde-storm when their true intent to suppress all aspects of democracy and basic justice become more and more evident. In any case, we educators will carry on

  2. Rahm Emmanuel is a destructive force wherever he lands!


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