Thursday, February 21, 2013

Liberal rhetoric, a Republican echo

Biden: "Buy a shotgun! Buy a shotgun!"
I'm always amazed, but not surprised, when liberal Dems in power begin acting and sounding more and more like Republicans.

Of course, here in Chicago, there is no Republican Party. Only a Democratic machine that ideologically and politically could easily be mistaken for the regime of any one of a number of Tea Party governors in neighboring states of Wisconsin or Indiana -- especially when it comes to public education.

Case in point: Chicago schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett's likely ghost-written commentary in yesterday's Sun-Times imploring citizens not to "throw money at" schools she has labeled as "underutilized".

It was just about a year ago when her predecessor, J.C. Brizard first threw around the neo-con don't-throw-money-at-it rhetoric in a speech to business execs at the Economic Club of Chicago. Brizard essentially came out for vouchers, saying:
“It doesn’t make sense (that) our parents pay taxes and then pay tuition (for their children) to go to (private) school as well...It's a matter of making sure the dollars follow children. If 500 traditional CPS (students) would go to the parochial schools ... the proportional share (of dollars) should go to the school actually educating those children."
We were told afterwards that Brizard "was only expressing his personal opinion" but Brizard never had an opinion that wasn't hatched on the 5th floor of City Hall. No schools CEO does, now that CPS has become a wing of City Hall. His big mistake was letting the cat out of the bag, Joe Biden-style. But BBB's call not to throw money at badly under-resourced schools in primarily black and Latino neighborhoods is no slip of the tongue, but rather a piece carefully crafted in the office of CPS liar-in-chief, (No, CPS hasn't lost 145,000 students) Becky Carroll.

Obama w/shotgun
Believe it or not...

Speaking of Biden, laughingly called Obama's point person on "gun-control," I followed his advice and went out and bought a shotgun (from some guy hawking them out of the trunk of his car, down by the local high school). I popped a couple of 12-gauge shells into into the chambers, just like Joe had instructed. Then I went out on the front porch and fired two rounds in the air. Sure enough, just as Joe promised, no intruders dared enter the premises. Unfortunately, now even my kids and grandson are afraid to come visit.

Also, I accidentally shot two squirrels and killed the beautiful cardinal that had been coming around to eat the seeds we put out for the birds during the winter. Next, I got busted for illegally discharging a weapon within city limits, after the neighbors called the cops. Chicago has strict gun laws.

 Please send contributions for bail money over to the house, ASAP. Oh, and thanks a lot for the advice, Joe.

P.S. It could have been worse. Remember what happened when Biden's predecessor, Cheney let loose a shotgun blast and blew his buddy's face off.

Yes, the liberal/neocon rhetoric has its consequences.


  1. Mike,
    Hilarious story. Thanks, I needed that. You could have mentioned the other advantage of shotguns. After you kill someone, it's much more difficult to trace pellets back to the gun. Biden's right. Better than an assault weapon.

  2. Every charter school and every call for charter schools is a declaration to the world that the Chicago Board of Education is abdicating responsibility, that they are incapable of meeting the demands of the office they hold, and a such the Board Members should resign. Charter schools offer nothing but increased costs, and decreased accountability. Education is an institution not a business.


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