Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Broward Board Says 'No' to FCAT

Broward County, the nation's 6th largest school district, has put their T-Party governor on notice. They hate FCAT and Florida's preoccupation with standardized testing. The School Board unanimously passed a resolution Wednesday opposing standardized testing as the primary means for evaluating schools, students and teachers.
"This is destroying public education, destroying the teaching profession and destroying children," School Board member Robin Bartleman said. "The classroom should be fun. Kids should be excited about learning and not be afraid they're going to be punished for one test."
 The effort is part of a national movement, where parent groups and school boards are signing petitions and resolutions opposing high stakes testing. The Palm Beach County School District passed a similar resolution in April, and Martin and St. Lucie counties have also joined the fight.

FEA, the state's largest teachers union, has joined the anti-FCAT fight as well. According to the Palm Beach Post, The Florida Education Association and two teachers, Okaloosa County fifth-grade teacher Karen Peek and Indian River County eighth-grade teacher Beth Weatherstone, have filed suit in opposition to the use of FCAT scores in teacher evaluation and as part of the state's merit pay policy.

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  1. Hooray for Broward County and our FEA... Proactive !!!


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