Wednesday, August 29, 2018

1968 Revisited

68 Vets  [Bob Black photo]
What fun! I got to relive the "Battle of Michigan Avenue" and more '68 action over the past few days with some of my favorites from back-in-the-day.

On Sunday, Susan Klonsky and I were guides on a trolley tour of '68 protest sights (what's left of 'em), including battle grounds in Lincoln and Grant Park (Gen. Logan's Statue), the Hilton, the Amphitheatre, Panther office (a Walgreens), SDS office (a parking lot), Young Lord's Peoples Church (Walgreens) and more.

The tour was sponsored by Chicago History Museum and Illinois Humanities. It sold out in the first few hours after it was announced. I think we could have filled up 3 more trolleys. Everyone said they liked it and one guy even tried to tip me 10 bucks. I gave it to the driver.

Susan Klonsky & Mary Scott-Boria at Girl Talk last night. 
Yesterday, I spoke on a panel at UIC put on the Great Cities Institute, called "The World is Still Watching. On the panel with me were veteran Chicago activists, Don Rose (Mobilization Committee Against the War in Vietnam), Marilyn Katz (SDS), Cha-Cha Jimenez (Young Lords), Che Brooks and Mary Scott-Boria (Black Panthers), and our soon-to-be Congressman, Chuy Garcia (was only 14 in '68).

And then last night at the Hideout, Susan and Mary did an amazing tag-team talk at The Girl Talk.

We also got some good ink. Check out this story in the NY Times.

You can also tune in to at 11 a.m. CDT Friday, to hear a repeat of our '68+50 show with Marilyn, Mary, Mike James (Rising Up Angry), and Omar Lopez (YLO).

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