Monday, June 22, 2015


Charleston County Magistrate James Gosnell Jr.
"There are four kinds of people in this world: black people, white people, rednecks, and n******." -- NBC News
Ernst & Young
The Chicago Public Schools will “run out of cash as early as this summer” and be unable to meet payroll, pension and debt payments without “third-party intervention” or a significant “cost deferral.” -- Sun-Times
NY Times editorial
The crisis, in a nutshell, is the isolation of millions of young black and Latino men, who are disengaged from school, work and mainstream institutions generally. -- The Cost of Letting Young People Drift
  Alan Lazowski, LAZ’s chairman
 “This is an isolated incident of one employee, and if these allegations are true, they are contrary to every core value that LAZ stands for.” -- Another Chicago parking meter scandal
Bernie Sanders
"Our country belongs to all of us, not just billionaires. No president can take care of all the problems facing Americans today alone. We need a movement of working people, of middle-class people, to stand up right now. If we don't, I worry about the future of our children and grandchildren." -- What Did O'Malley and Sanders Tell NEA?

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