Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Can't believe I missed this one...

CTU President Karen Lewis told supporters gathered outside the Thompson Center. "And if we have a chance, this is it. This is the time where you have to stand up and tell 'em all 'No, we're not going to take that.'" -- Tribune

I'm laid-up for a few days after a Saturday biking accident (yes, wearing a helmet) and had to miss yesterday's CTU rally. So I was super elated looking at Tweets (#CTUrally), pics and yes, even news coverage of this great event. Shades of the union rallies and marches leading up the 2012 strike.

The Chicago Teachers Union is asking for a one-year contract with a 3 percent raise. In addition, the CTU wants limits to class sizes and additional resources.
"We need a just equitable distribution of resources in our school system, so every school has what it needs including a nurse, a social worker, a librarian," said Martin Ritter, a CTU organizer.
 "CTU is advocating for more revenue for our schools. That could include a financial transactions tax, that could include a winding down of some of these unnecessary TIFF districts, and also wasteful spending on things like standardized tests, the SUPES contract," Ritter said.
Rahm,who earlier was threatening a 7% pay cut, now says he wants a three-year deal with a 1 percent raise in the third year. He's not listening. But yesterday, he heard.

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  1. When Rahm was running against Chuy, he claimed to have a financial plan for the city and its schools. Lots of voters obviously believed him. OK Mr. Mayor. Now's the time to put up or shut up.


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