Thursday, June 25, 2015

Join me today in supporting illegally-fired, pro-union charter teachers and staff

Urban Prep students support their teachers at a rally earlier this year.   (Arielle Zionts)

I hate bullies...
So today I'm heading over to the board meeting this afternoon to stand up for those 16 Urban Prep Charter teachers and staff who were illegally fired for supporting union activities. Two of those fired—Mathias Muschal and Natasha Robinson—are leaders of the organizing committee and exemplary teachers who had dedicated 6 and 7 years to students at Urban Prep.

On June 3rd, the teachers at Urban Prep voted over 60% “yes” to be represented by AFT Local 4343—Chicago ACTS, despite a very determined anti-union campaign. The firings are little more than the revenge of defeated bullies.

The union is fighting back by filing unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board. While we know we have a strong case, the legal process can be long and drawn-out, especially when fighting an employer so determined not to have to answer to its teachers.

Marty Ritter from the CTU tells me that a strong showing by education activists like you and me will go a long way toward not only getting these teachers their jobs back, but getting UP management to the negotiations table.

I hope to see you all this afternoon at 3:30 PM.  We will meet outside the meeting site at Urban Prep Englewood Campus, 6201 S. Stewart Ave.

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