Wednesday, April 2, 2014

At the Hideout

The Hideout
We stopped by one of my favorite watering holes, The Hideout, last night to hear the great Ben Joravsky and Mick Dumke do their political schtick. But ducked out when it looked like it was being turned into the Dick Mell Show. All the repartee with that smirking racist machine bastard was making me nauseous. When he started blaming last month's low-voter turnout on bloggers and tweeters... or maybe it was when he began boasting about how rich he had become and all the houses he owned in Sanibel Island and Lake Geneva, that was it for me. Maybe next month.

SPEAKING OF HIDEOUT POLITICAL SCHTICK... Please tell me again how Rahm isn't beatable in the next election.

The mayor just cut a deal with Beemsterboer Slag Co. opening the door for greater use of the deadly high-sulfur, high-carbon refinery byproduct petcoke in the city after first claiming he was the new environmental sheriff in town. Petcoke is a major part of KCBX, and Koch Industries, owned by the notorious Koch Bros.

This on top of this week's polls showing him beatable indeed and last week's poll showing that 90% of Chicagoans consider this city a bastion of corruption. What we need now is a candidate to step up and speak truth to power about Mayor 1%.


  1. My dog could beat Rahm. Unfortunately, my dog lives about a block outside the city limits. As do I.

  2. RE Mell and Low Voter Turnout:
    In 1983, as a poll watcher for Harold Washington at the Lathrop Homes Public Housing Project in my home ward, Mell's 33rd, I overheard the then-alderman congratulate his precinct workers for the usual Democratic low vote.

    Washington, of course, won in spite of the soon-to-be dismantled [Richard J.] Daley machine. Had Harold lived, he'd have been the "mayor-for-life" and Richie Daley would only be remembered as the States Attorney who covered-up the systematic torture of prisoners by the Chicago Police Department.

    Peter Kuttner


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