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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Door cracks open to stripping Rahm of mayoral control of the schools. Travis' near win reverberates.

DID YOU HEAR THAT... The House opened the door ever so slightly Tuesday to stripping Mayor Rahm Emanuel and any of his successors of the sole authority to appoint the Chicago public school system's board of education.  By a 108-5 margin, the House approved legislation sponsored by Rep. La Shawn Ford, D-Chicago, to create a task force to study whether the board should be appointed, elected or mixed. Ford’s bill now moves to the Senate.

... Some legislators are nervous about voting for Rahm's pension-busting bill because of Jay Travis' CTU-backed near defeat of Christian Mitchell. This according to Chicago Sun-Times Springfield Bureau Chief Dave McKinney who was interviewed by Carol Marin on Chicago Tonight. I confirmed it with McKinney on Twitter.

Did u tell Carol M that legislators were worried by CTU-backed near defeat of Christian Mitchell? Or did I hear you wrong?

I had one House Dem suggest that was a factor giving some heartburn today given where the CTU was on the bill.

Thanks again Jay and CTU for fighting the good fight. It continues to reverberate.


  1. If Rahm is in control of the schools, he should be held accountable for the decisions of the school board. Also, if the city controls the schools, they need to be financially responsible for the pensions.

  2. Just like Will Guzzardi, Jay will win the next one! They SHOULD be afraid...VERY afraid!


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