Monday, April 21, 2014

Let's do it again in 2015

WE DID IT...I love this post card that came in the mail today from the Guzzardi campaign. We sure did. Let's do it again.

NOBODY'S BUYING Rahm's or McCarthy's claims about dwindling gun violence in Chicago. It all depends on whose neighborhood you're talking about.  Even doctoring the data didn't help the Rahm brand. After this latest bloody Easter weekend  -- at least 9 dead, 44 wounded -- the best Rahm and McCarthy can come up with as part of "Operation Impact" is cops on bikes. Give me a break.

U.S. Attorney Fardon announces "special unit"
So the feds are sending in a special unit. More bad press for Rahm in a city that's out of control. And control is what the 1%ers brought him in for. What's next? The Untouchables? Marshall law? Drones? Afghan troop redeployment? Is that what Rahm plans to run on in 2015?

Rahm says he supports the feds' intervention in Chicago.
"When (U.S. Attorney Zachary Fardon) first came into office, this is exactly what we talked about," Emanuel said. 
But if he really supported it, he would at least know what the IT is. Don't you think?
"I don't know whether it means more resources, I don't know what it exactly is, but I'm pleased they're doing it."
Rahm is on the defensive as his ratings plummet and at least two viable potential opposition candidates wait in the wings. He lashes out at parents and community residents, accusing them of  "not living by a moral code" or instilling "the right values" in their children. Wrong answer, Mr. Mayor.

Rahm - "They have to live by a moral code."
TRUTH IS there's not much sense blaming the cops either. There's not enough of them, they're concentrated in the wrong places, and they only come into play on the back end of the gun violence. Only small part of the violence in Chicago is a policing or law-and-order issue. Guns are flowing more freely than ever into the inner city and both Congress and the IL Legislature are too scared of the NRA to do anything besides talk about sensible gun-control, even with a Dem governor and Dem majority in both IL houses.

TALE OF TWO CITIES...Concentrated poverty and a widening wealth gap; rising black youth joblessness; wide open drug market, draconian cuts in social services, massive school closings contributing to growing blight on the south and west sides, death-culture profiteering, are the real issues.

Filling the jails (the New Jim Crow) with young black men has only made things worse, much worse. The Feds should send in a "Special Unit" to deal with those things I just listed?

Yes, let's do it again in 2015.

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