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Monday, February 24, 2014


Michael Brenner
A feature of the Obama presidency has been his campaign against the American public school system, eating way at the foundations of elementary education. That means the erosion of an institution that has been one of the keystones of the Republic. The project to remake it as a mixed public/private hybrid is inspired by a discredited dogma that charter schools perform better. -- The American Public School Under Siege
Ald. Bob Fioretti
“There is a lack of respect for neighborhoods and lack of leadership.” -- Emanuel’s re-election nightmare
Dwayne Truss, Chicago community activist
“They’re blurring the line, big-time.” -- Charter school’s religious affiliation raises questions 
N.Y. Principal Carole Burris
No one would have predicted that the Common Core tests would close the achievement gaps, however, there is no defensible reason why those gaps should have grown. Every policymaker and researcher concerned with equity should question what exactly these new tests measure. -- The Answer Sheet

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