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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

False Consciousness

Hilarious Chris Christie

Was he auditing my philosophy class about multiple perspectives? Or maybe studying Freudian psychology? Now he sort of admits knowing about the GWB debacle as it was happening. But he says, it hadn't yet entered his "consciousness."
"The first time that this really came into my consciousness, as an issue" was when an e-mail from Port Authority Executive Director Pat Foye "was leaked to the media and reported on." -- CNN
It must have all been lodged in his superego.

Bruce Rauner, similarly claims no knowledge of Gery Chico's involvement with the charter school that bears Rauner's name. Rauner bankrolled the school and finagled millions more in loans from the state (Chico is the State Supt). Chico's law firm, in turn, made millions from the school. Rauner sits on the board.

Neither can Billionaire Republican gov. candidate Rauner recall how money he gave to scandal-ridden UNO charters was used. Rauner’s family charity contributed $800,000 to the scandal-tarred United Neighborhood Organization in recent years, including $750,000 to help expand the Hispanic community group’s network of 16 charter schools in Chicago. But Rauner says he wasn’t aware UNO used some of his money to make up for the suspended state funding.

He also claims he never knew convicted Illinois political fixer Stuart Levine even though Levine made $25,000 a month trying to get government business for a company owned in part by Rauner?

Yes, none of this has entered his consciousness either.

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  1. Yes, we can all look at the same bridge and see different things. You may see a massive, dangerous traffic tie up, while I see thousands of people taking their time and enjoying the view of the Hudson.


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