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Monday, February 17, 2014


Jordan Davis' mother, Lucia McBath leaves the courtroom with her husband Curtis McBath.
Ta-Nehisi Coates
The most mendacious phrase in the American language is "black on black crime," which is uttered as though the same hands that drew red lines around the ghettoes of Chicago are not the same hands that drew red lines around the life of Jordan Davis, as though black people authored North Lawndale and policy does not exist. -- On the Killing of Jordan Davis by Michael Dunn
Bill Daley 
“Rahm misjudged the public on this. What he didn’t seem to grasp was that the only good, middle-class jobs left for blacks in most of the neighborhoods are teaching positions in the schools. The closures cut deeply into whole communities. He could have shown greater empathy." -- FT Magazine
Brother Fred
"The Illinois Republican Party and all four of its candidates are in the grasp of the Tea Party Right. To make a distinction among them is looking for 'a needle in a haystack'... In pushing this Dillard endorsement, the IEA is praising Dillard as pro-education. What will the people think of us when we tell such lies?” -- Fred Klonsky Blog
Jersey Jazzman
 Let's be clear: Chris Cerf may be stepping through the public-private revolving door once again, but he's hardly alone. We now live in a country where gobs of public officials passing back and forth between jobs in government and industry is a normal state of affairs. - Blog

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