Monday, August 26, 2013


"My best meeting with him was off stage, away from the lights at a private table in a steakhouse." -- J.C. Brizard 
CPS grandmother Irene Robinson
"This is safe passage? No, this is murder city," Robinson said, shaking her head. -- Aljazeera
 Ex-Marine  Col. Tom Tyrell
There are obvious differences between closing 50 schools and starting a new country or fighting terrorism. But there are also similarities. "Surge teams are available." -- WBEZ
 J.C. Brizard
“We severely underestimated the ability of the Chicago Teachers Union to lead a massive grassroots campaign against our administration... It takes a ton of inner strength to watch 4,000+ people in red shirts outside of your window protesting while a very heavy police presence looked on." -- Flypaper 
Dave Zirin
The people at this march are the face of resistance to what Dr. King called the “evil triplets of militarism, materialism and racism.” -- The Nation
Wilbur Millhouse 
 ...there are a ton of ideas pouring in about what to do with the 50 shuttered school buildings and the possibilities are somewhat unlimited.  I can’t say that if that community says they want to make it a charter school that we would say no. That hasn’t been given to me as a parameter to stop any community from turning it into a charter school. -- CBS News, Emanuel Names Panel To Decide Fate Of Shuttered School Buildings

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